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Hu-Friedy Swivel Direct Flow Inserts

Hu-Friedy Swivel Direct Flow Inserts

Experience the maneuverability and adaptability you want in power scaling with the exclusive Swivel inserts. With a slight rolling motion of your fingertips, you can eliminate the old "start, stop, remove and readjust" routine required with traditional inserts. Swivel inserts also reduce the torque from the handpiece cord, increasing overall balance for hassle-free scaling. The grip is 18% larger than standard inserts - reduces finger pinching, resulting in less hand fatigue and enhanced tactile sensitivity. The lightly textured grips provide secure, comfortable grasp and are color-coded for easy tip identification.

Swivel Direct Flow Inserts have a through-tip water delivery. This design focuses the water flow directly to the tip, reducing excess spray and increased visibilty.