Dental Air Abrasion Units

Revolutionizing Precision Dentistry with Air Abrasion Units

Dental air abrasion units represent a state-of-the-art advancement in precision dentistry, offering a minimally invasive approach to treating decayed or discolored tooth structures like enamel. Utilizing air pressure, these units emit fine particles of aluminum oxide to accurately abrade targeted areas, presenting a superior alternative to traditional drilling methods.

Advanced Technology for Precise Treatments

Air abrasion units apply compressed air to project microscopic particles of aluminum oxide onto tooth surfaces, for precise removal of decay without the need for high-speed drilling.

Advantages for Patients and Dental Professionals

Air abrasion offers a virtually painless experience for patients, often eliminating the need for anesthesia due to reduced vibration, heat, and pressure during treatment.

Preferred Applications

Air abrasion is particularly beneficial for pediatric patients or individuals with minimal tooth decay, for a gentle and comfortable treatment experience without causing anxiety or discomfort.

Choosing the Right Air Abrasion Unit

Selecting an air abrasion unit suitable for your dental practice involves considering several factors such as functionality, accuracy, and ease of use. Understanding the unique benefits and features of each unit ensures optimal treatment outcomes.

At Scott's Dental Supply, we offer a selection of top-tier dental air abrasion units, including the PrepStart from Danville, recognized for its precision and reliability. Our commitment to providing quality equipment at competitive prices empowers dental professionals to deliver exceptional patient care while optimizing practice efficiency.

Air abrasion units are a significant innovation in modern dentistry, offering precision, comfort, and an improved patient experience. Explore our range of dental air abrasion units to revolutionize your practice, delivering superior treatments with enhanced precision and patient comfort.


Zest Dental (Danville Materials)

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Zest Dental (Danville Materials)

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