Dental Handpieces

At Scott's Dental Supply, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive array of dental handpieces, catering to the diverse needs of dental professionals. Whether you are seeking high-speed efficiency or the reliability of low-speed functionality, our collection includes various types of handpieces designed for specific dental procedures.

Dental handpieces are essential tools used by dental practitioners to perform various procedures with accuracy and efficacy. These devices, available in distinct types and functions, are indispensable components of any dental practice.

There are three primary types of dental handpieces: high-speed, low-speed, and electric handpieces. Each serves specific purposes during dental procedures.

High-Speed Handpieces

High-speed handpieces are synonymous with efficiency and speed, often used in tasks requiring rapid cutting or shaping. These handpieces operate at significantly higher revolutions per minute (RPM), making them ideal for procedures demanding precision, such as cavity preparation or crown placement. They are often the go-to choice for intricate dental work, providing a smooth and swift operation that ensures patient comfort and optimal outcomes.

Low-Speed Handpieces

Conversely, low-speed handpieces offer versatility in handling various tasks at lower speeds. They excel in more general functions, such as polishing, grinding, or adjusting dental appliances. Hygiene handpieces, commonly referred to as prophy handpieces are a subtype of low-speed handpieces which specialize in cleaning and maintaining oral hygiene, including prophylaxis and stain removal.

Electric Handpieces

Electric handpieces, another innovation in dentistry, combine the advantages of both high and low-speed handpieces. They offer adjustable speeds, enhanced torque, and precision control, making them highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of dental procedures.

Differentiation Between High-Speed and Low-Speed Handpieces

The key distinction between high-speed and low-speed handpieces lies in their operational speeds. High-speed handpieces operate at significantly higher RPM, facilitating swift and precise cutting, while low-speed handpieces function at slower speeds, allowing for greater control and versatility in various dental tasks[SY1] .

Role in Oral Surgery

In oral surgery, surgical handpieces are specially designed to meet the demands of more intricate procedures, offering the necessary power and care required for bone cutting, extractions, and other maxillofacial operations. Scott’s Dental Supply offers a high-quality selection including air-powered, 45 degree angled surgical handpieces[SY3] .

Sterilization of Dental Handpieces

Maintaining strict sterilization protocols is imperative in dental practices. Both high and low-speed handpieces should undergo thorough sterilization between patient use to ensure the elimination of potential cross-contamination and maintain patient safety.

Utilization of Low-Speed Handpieces

Low-speed handpieces find their application in multiple dental procedures, including polishing and finishing dental restorations, removal of decay, and endodontic treatments. Their adaptability and versatility make them indispensable in various clinical scenarios.

Longevity of Dental Handpieces

The lifespan of dental handpieces can vary based on factors such as maintenance, usage frequency, and adherence to manufacturer guidelines. With proper care and regular maintenance, dental handpieces can last for several years. However, replacement turbines, a critical component in handpieces, may require periodic replacement to ensure optimal performance.

Dental Handpieces: In Summary

At Scott's Dental, we understand the significance of reliable and efficient dental handpieces in ensuring exceptional patient care. Our diverse inventory, encompassing high-speed, low-speed, electric, and surgical handpieces, alongside replacement turbines, from esteemed brands like Bien Air, Star Dental, J.Morita, and Scott's Select, caters to the distinct needs of dental practitioners. Explore our comprehensive selection today and elevate your dental practice with innovative precision performance tools.