Barnhart Curettes

Mastering Periodontal Care with Barnhart Curettes

Improve your periodontal treatments with precision and efficiency with the well-known Barnhart Curettes available at Scott’s Dental Supply. Designed for subgingival scaling and root planing, these instruments offer exceptional performance for comprehensive periodontal care.

Understanding Barnhart Curettes

Barnhart 1-2 vs. Barnhart 5-6

  • Barnhart 1-2: Designed with a universal, delicate blade, ideal for fine scaling and root debridement on anterior teeth.
  • Barnhart 5-6: Features a larger, stronger blade, suitable for heavy calculus removal and root planing on posterior teeth.

Explore Our Selection

  • EverEdge 2.0 Barnhart Curettes: Discover the advanced EverEdge technology embedded in our Barnhart Curettes, providing extended sharpness and longevity for consistent performance.
  • Resin 8 Colors 2.0 Barnhart Curettes: Add personalization and convenience to your practice with the Resin 8 Colors Barnhart Curettes, provide a vibrant selection of color-coded options for easy identification and organization.

Quality and Precision, Every Treatment

Constructed with precision and durability, our Barnhart Curettes provide optimal tactile sensitivity and effective calculus removal, to deliver exceptional patient care.

Invest in your dental practice with the reliable and precise Barnhart Curettes from Scott’s Dental Supply, ensuring superior results in dental care.